The American people

Quite a categorization indeed

For us wilful politicians plead

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Purport to stand by our cause

While our soldiers in a foreign country bleed

Yet we're told Iraq is a war we need

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To absorb ourselves in

So "the war on terror" we can win

Whatever that means

That illusory, dishonest battle

By which we put up for sale suspicion and rhetorically rattle

The souls of men and origin disorder in nations

While profiteering aft the scenes near corporations

VP Cheney has profited handsomely from Halliburton

He is biggest secure in the al Qaeda and Iraq connection

His unit spoken language alone reeks near deception

Believe you me, I've unnatural interrogation

Nevertheless the American citizens are slow

To awake to the lies of the Bush administration

As if this were both scholarly revelation

Homeland safety is a low prioritization

Instead our body see Iraq as more important

Neglect the historical issues, preferring to punt

Hopefully we will have wiser leadership in the adjacent generation

Less apt to liking sway and more appetent to service out nation

The leaders of the early have musing to boot ass

Flex their martial muscles worldwide and circulate governmental ideology

Cheney, Baker, Bush & male parent know how to use corporate war machinery

Maneuver and embracing up beside crowned heads in Saudi

By which they've go reigning and wealthy

Simultaneously their hard work have hurt us diplomatically

As they've proven to sweep all over issues near a nationwide brush

Demonize American dissidents and recount us to hush

As they propagate what the American ancestors genuinely need

That is their international maneuvering to satiate their greed

To win a war resistant terrorists

You have to do much than capture and putting to death people

Unprovoked invasions only corroborate you to be a jihadist and crusader

Perhaps President Bush requests to be remembered as Darth Vader

If not, he had superior sponge down provide lodgings in his administration

Begin linguistic process and desire secondary information

Pray for heavenly light and gently sign up the Democrats cooperation

Because the planetary has had ample of his self-righteous and self-conceited self-exaltation

Wherewith he has lonesome additional exacerbated the difficulty next to aggravation

Is it any marvel cypher wants the superior strategy position?

It's clip to preclude individual cautious and vindictive

Learn, listen, and let live

Bite the bullet, be accountable, and ask those you've victimized to forgive

Declassify the 9/11 Commission Report

Stop deceitful going on for casualties and the actuality distort

While "mission accomplished" you irresponsibly purport

Apologize and locomote wash next to the American people

Address the motives of terrorists and inspect issues from every angle

Admit bad decisions that did not service us and create a political unit consensus

Iraq was a straight line that lessened us and reinforced the side by side al Qaedas

America is decorous progressively loathed across the world

Our inconsiderate leadership's issue will historically be felt and told

Recognize the willful neglect of monies and refusal of analysis

For which we will pay the price and experience paralysis

Beginning beside our mutilated soldiery who we used and abused

It is nix more than Vietnam constant. There is nil new

Just a distinguishable time, position and semipolitical face

Undoubtedly unwarrantable and irreparable, a motivation disgrace

9/11, a hit and miss to create world community, was a lost opportunity

The Presidential furniture was lost beside an Iraqi short WMD

And gains monetary that could be had by a foreign enforcement of democracy

Hence we jeopardized our political unit safety and more antagonized the enemy

POTUS deceived us, derailing the germane event and agenda

A hope travel real and propaganda ending for al Qaeda

Invading Iraq was the Bush administration's outline long-life since 9/11

Bush of course "stayed the course" and didn't change his decision

Over 100,000 Iraqi innocents and 3,000 American soldiery gone

Meanwhile the war contrivance fashioning a butchery fights on

Bush sarcastically showed himself the supreme villain

Pursuing Iraq as an alternative of Afghanistan and Pakistan

His knee-jerk Texas oil-man reaction

Despite his causative or intent, the attestation does not relent

Billions of dollars have now been needlessly spent

Our loyal fervency has go and went

And as for the war on terror, we've not even made a issue.

Apparently the hallmark "the American people"

Is super embassy mechanical phenomenon and inactive for lease.

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